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Social Engineering Attacks on Law Firms on the Rise

Social engineering attacks on law firms are on the rise and are a very real threat to law firm security. The attackers prey on the trust, service and prompt action that are the make up of a law firm's delivering good client service. Law firms must realize that part of good client service is also fulfilling the obligation to be thorough and vigilant in protecting law firm digital assets. Asking questions of new clients or of taking extra steps to confirm legitimacy can be done without sacrificing good client service.

Stay vigilant out there....

For a more detailed look see this ABA article here.


Phishing and our upcoming elections

Phishing today seems to pose a threat in all aspects of our lives, from home, to work, to government and our elections. The Department of Homeland Security has issued warnings to state elections officials nationwide that phishing state employees in order to access election databases has happened in the past and is a threat to upcoming elections. Phishing attempts are still a major threat in all areas of our lives.

Stay vigilant out there.

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New email spam...From You To You

A new spam and potential phishing email variant reported by 9to5Google has been showing up in Gmail inboxes recently appearing to be sent from you to your own email account. These messages when opened reveal that the email address the message is being sent from is not actually your own email address but named as being from your name. Adding to the peculiarity of the email is the fact that the messages also appear in the users sent email folder.

Social engineering and phishing scams are continually evolving. Remember to always be critical of emails. If there is a link or attachment in the email first stop and Do Not Click. Observe and orient yourself to protect yourself from carelessly clicking and finding yourself regretting not slowing down. You are your own last line of defense against attacks.

Stay vigilant out there.

See the original report from 9to5Google below.

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